Styles Of Mens Chain Necklaces And Bracelets

Mens chain necklaces and bracelets are available nowadays in several different styles, sizes and materials. As such it has become essential to know each type of the chain to make an informed choice for yourself.

A chain is a series of connected links or strands that are made of some type of metal such as gold, silver, or stainless steel. You might be astonished to hear that chain necklaces have been around for a very long time, dating back as far as 200 BC. The following list describes each style of men chain necklace in short:


The Cable style is the one you should go for if you desire a clean simplistic look. It is regarded as the standard chain and is crafted out of uniform sized oval links which hook up to each other.


A chain composed of individually linked round or oval rings similar to a standard cable chain, but with thicker rings.


The Figaro chain is a stylish chain which displays 3 short links in recurring pattern linking to a single long link. It is elegant and classy and has a very masculine design. It is commonly worn with pendants or medallions.


Rope Style Chain is characterized by a distinctive spiral look. It is crafted by intertwining two thin chains around each other. The rope style chain necklace has a thickset look and is a bit heavy because of the double helix.


Oval links and twisted oval links are connected and entwined together to create the wheat style Chain. It is an intricate design with great visual quality.


The Foxtail Chain is fashioned in an intricate pattern of small oval links facing each other and connected by another flat row of rings going down the center.


The Serpentine Chain is designed out of a set of small ‘S’ shaped side by side links with another set of links directly underneath. The two sets couple up and form the serpentine chain.

Curb Chain

Oval shaped links are twisted and given diamond cuts to fashion out the Curb Men Chain Necklace. These chains lie flat on the skin.


The Herringbone chain is made up of short, fat, tilted parallel links with the direction of the tilt altering row by row resembling the spine of the herring. This is not a very flexible design and twisting can cause damage to the chain. While the majority of these sold are usually gold, silver and stainless steel version are available.


Pairs of oval links set-apart by another thicker link connected to each pair unite in an intricate pattern to form the Byzantine chain.

Venetian or Box

The Venetian style or Box Style chains are one at the same. Wide, square links are connected to craft out this particular style of chain necklace.


Omega style chains are flat chains made out of rectangular metal pieces. Rounded and smoothed metal plates placed side-by-side and crimped on the ends around a metal mesh strip to create the omega style chain.


Made up of a single strand of metal and resembling the design and pattern of a snake these chains exude an aura of urban appeal. These necklaces are not only very fashionable, but also look very modern.

Men’s chain necklaces and bracelets come in many diverse designs, sizes and metals including platinum, gold, silver and stainless steel. A 16-inch men chain necklace is choker length, a 17-inch necklace falls at the collarbone, a 22-inch chain necklace will reach the man’s neckline, while a thirty six hangs down near the belly button.

Silver Chain Necklaces

Silver chain necklaces are not gender-based at all. There are chain necklaces for men, and there are necklaces for women. Ones for men are usually longer than those designed for women. If the standard length for women is between 16″ and 24″, the standard length for men is between 18″ and 24″.

Then, of course, you can always have your piece of jewelry remade according to your own preference. Perhaps, you would like a shorter chain, just ask your jeweler to make the necessary adjustment. Or a better alternative is to look for necklaces that are adjustable in length. There are many of those in the market.

Silver chain necklaces come in different styles and widths, too. If you search online, you have a lot of options. The general rule is that if your chain is thin and plain, a long pendant or a cross will look good in it. An elaborate silver chain necklace already looks great as it is, so you do not have to insert a pendant through it to accentuate it.

The trend these days are long silver ones with a large glittering pendant. These are best worn over a plain dress of any color, although they look more stunning against a plain black background.

Perhaps your anniversary is coming up, and perhaps, too, you are looking for great gift ideas. Then, look no further – a chain necklace is a beautiful choice to give your beloved. Put it around her neck before you go out for your anniversary dinner to complement her glamorous dress.

Anybody can wear silver chain necklaces. There are even those made especially for kids. They therefore make great gifts to anybody because you know that they are well appreciated.